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​Based Systems

Once you use smart cards, you need to make sure they are used as effortlessly and as widely as possible, you may just want to open a door, or use the card for something much more innovative. At IPS we can help you with any system:

​We have experience with, access control systems, Paxton access control, Salto access control and many more access control systems in the UK.

On/Off Site ​Cashless Payment

Cash is seen as an unnecessary expense in this day and age, IPS can reduce, if not remove cash from your organisation, we design systems to enable you to take payments off site: mobile\internet based transaction, or on-site: ID card purchases.

​Card Management

Making a contactless card should be easy, making it it work for you is often not. At IPS we produce innovative systems that enable you to produce a single card, or 10,000 cards effortlessly; we make sure that they work effectively for your organisation.