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Integration, streamlining and automation are at the centre of all IPS systems.
Our solutions offer immediate protection and performance, capable of working with any access systems already in place.
Inter Access is our specialist division, dedicated to providing all forms of access control system, with outstanding reliability and performance guaranteed.

From single door entry control to full building system management and lockdown, we can provide a tailored solution to your access requirements. We work with all of the best of breed system manufacturers including Salto & Paxton, to offer the most secure and cost effective solutions, all installed by our qualified technicians.

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Door Entry Systems

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By integrating multiple components into one system, IPS can create an access control system with a single control user interface and a single source of authentication. Not only does this increase system efficiency, it significantly reduces management costs and overheads.
Our ACS Gateway interfaces directly with all core management systems, extracting real-time user information and data. When combined with either a smartcard or bio-metric ID management system, our solutions provide enhanced building security.

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Systems can be programmed to determine user access by both status and defined building sectors.
Access information can be picked up from any system we are integrated with, removing the need for both data and structure duplication. Permissions can be set up to define areas within a building which are accessible to staff, students and visitors. This insures that any rooms containing valuable equipment and documents remain securely locked.

Access Control