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Existing machines can be adapted to accept both cash and cashless payments and can be fully integrated with IPay Systems. This allows users to purchase additional items from the machines using existing funds in their online accounts, providing additional revenue for your organisation.

IPS systems simplify catering management by reducing cash handling and time consuming administrative tasks. Our I-Pay System integrates directly with individual user accounts, allowing money to be added either directly online, from learner support funds, or at the point of sale.  Our range of services include EPOS touch screen tills, menu management and pre-ordering through our mobile application.

I-Pay Systems integrate directly with user accounts, allowing an organisation to take payments for all products and services online, accepting all major debit and credit cards.  We work with any of the major online commercial payment solution providers, as well as having our own inbuilt online payment portal and mobile application for secure and easy payments.

IPS Kiosks are a simple and effective method of allowing users to review and top up their personal cashless account with both coins and notes. Strong and robust, the screens and casement can be customised using individual colours, logos and imagery.

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