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Automated Gates & Car Park Management

Inter Access is our own specialist division supplying access control systems and entry automation. We have extensive experience in supplying, maintaining and installing door entry systems nationwide in the education sector, offering a level of integration, streamlining and automation few other providers can achieve. We work with all the best of breed access control providers such as Salto, Paxton & Honeywell.

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Restricting vehicle access onto the premises whilst maintaining a secure car park environment for both staff and visitors is the first level in any comprehensive access control system.
We supply and install only the most reliable outdoor controllers and car park units on the market.

The safe and secure movement of students, staff and visitors is essential in any organisation. Having a central mobility hotspot where the flow of visitors can be managed is a crucial part of the current safeguarding agenda.  Installing speed gates in main access areas allows authorised users to pass directly through, whilst securely managing the access of visitors and contractors to any building.

Surveillance cameras externally monitoring premises and car parks provide an excellent primary level of security protection. We install a wide range of robust and dependable CCTV hardware offering site-wide protection.