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Smart Card Management

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Cardholders can forget or even loose cards which need to be replaced rapidly. 

IPS Card Production enables personalised replacement cards to be issued, giving the user access to the full range of onsite facilities. Any available credit from an online account can be immediately transferred to the new temporary card and the appropriate levels of access control programmed onto the card for immediate usage.

IPS Card Production provides everything you need to produce and print automatic and load balanced cards onsite. We also produce high volume ID Cards for organisations, as well as supplying printers and printer kits. IPS also provide a loan printer service during busy registration periods. 

Visitor Card Management

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Visitors can be provided with labelled cards allowing them to be identified whilst on the premises. Regular or long term visitors can be provided with fully programmable ID smartcards for quick, automated access that can include authorised access areas as well as an expiry date. All visitor information can be saved onto the main database for future reference checks.

IPS provide everything that you need to design & print your own customised programmable ID smartcards onsite. Images can be uploaded, downloaded or taken onsite and then automatically cropped into the ideal format and size.  Our card production system is quick, simple and easy to use, with cards instantly programmed for use across all onsite systems including access control, cashless catering, photocopying and attendance monitoring.

Card Production

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