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Real Time User Information for Attendance Monitoring & Security 

IPS can fully integrate with all existing MIS systems, building a single centralised system directly from an organisation’s core database. Automatically generated, individual user accounts are available for immediate use with either smartcard, PIN or biometric ID management systems, for both online payment, registration, attendance monitoring and access control solutions.

Real Time Data Transfer

MIS Systems Integration

Integrating directly with an existing MIS system, means that all information is kept accurate and up to date. This enables a user to move seamlessly between all the different components of their personal account; online payments, library lending, locker management and access control permissions creating a unified experience for the end user. This is particularly crucial for payment systems where funds topped up either online or via onsite revaluation kiosks are automatically credited to the individual account for immediate use.

IPS are committed to providing a single seamless system that integrates and automates data exchange, automatically connecting together all the relevant systems within an organisation. Storing all of the data in a single system reduces the risk of duplication, any potential administrative errors and simplifies IT management.

System Automation


Data from ID scanners can be automatically registered on a centralised ID system producing real time reports to monitor absenteeism, lateness and attendance.  When integrated into an access control system this information can be used to immediately block or reduce access permissions to specific areas, buildings or an entire campus system.